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1. Original and Brand New Autel Tools.
2. Safe Payment Methods: PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, etc.
3. Fast and Safe Delivery: Duty-free delivery from US local warehouses.
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5. Professional After-Sale Service: Technical support directly from Autel engineer to solve problems.
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AutelShop.us 's Goal!

AutelShop.us aims to provide our customers affordable and high quality Original Autel tools. We want to be your best friend in car repairing. We provide best service and best products to fulfill different customer's needs.

Who is AutelShop.us ?

AutelShop.us is an online shop who is from a Second Class authorized company of Autel.

AutelShop.us provides many kinds of obd2 Autel diagnostic tools.Our products support one year free online update, we also provide one year warranty. With support of original factory technican, we provide 24 hours technical support for our customer.

Who is AUTEL?

Autel specializes in the R&D (Research and Development), production, sales and service of automotive intelligent diagnostics, detection and analysis systems and automotive electronic components. Autel is one of the world's leading providers of automotive intelligent diagnostics, inspection and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) products and services.
Autel has long adhered to the special research in the field of automotive intelligent diagnosis and detection, combining the technical features of automotive hardware, cloud services and mobile terminals on the basis of software development. Autel adheres to independent research and development and continuous innovation and has formed its own unique core technology accumulation. The core technology system is highly condensed into five major core systems: automotive diagnostics - specific operating system, automotive diagnostic communication system, intelligent simulation analysis system, intelligent diagnostic expert system, and cloud platform maintenance information system.

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