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Autel MaxiIM KM100E Highlights:  Autel MaxiIM KM100 Newest VersionAutel KM100E is the newly launched model aims at replacing Autel IM508 to offer pure...


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Autel MaxiIM KM100E Highlights: 

Autel MaxiIM KM100 Newest Version
Autel KM100E is the newly launched model aims at replacing Autel IM508 to offer pure professional IMMO & key programming solution: 60s Key Generation, Chip Read/Wirte/Clone, Transponder Simulation, Industry-leading IMMO Services, Frequency Detection, 10+ Special Functions, AutoVIN & Scan VIN/License, among many more. It comes with two smart universal keys Autel Ikey which can be programmed as smart key replacement for more than 700 vehicles.

Cost-effective Option to Autel IM508
Comparing to Autel IM508 or IM608, Autel MaxiIM KM100E cuts general diagnostic function and focus only on Key Programming & IMMO functions, 60s quick Key Generation (50% faster than IM508/IM608/IM608 Pro), Chip Read/Wirte/Clone, Transponder Simulation, Industry-leading IMMO Services, Frequency Detection, 10+ Special Functions, one-click AutoVIN & Scan VIN/License, support one tap to IMMO Learning just after key generation.

IMMO Paring/Programming for 90% Vehicles
Autel MaxiIM KM100E supports IMMO key learning via OBD on 90% of vehicles worldwide, offers step-by-step instructions to pair the new key with immobilizer. Autel KM100 (E) integrates all key IMMO-related functions such as Read PIN, Ke~y Learning, Remote Learning, all-key-lost, IMMO ECU Reset/ Adaptation/ Refresh/ Coding, IMMO Data Backup/ Restore, etc. Note: Pls contact cumstom service

Professional Transponder Functions
Autel KM100E support chip reading/ writing/ cloning functions which allow you to read, clone, and edit the transponder information, such as ch~ip type, IMMO type, transponder ID, locking status, and code mode, Autel KM100 car key Programming tool also can perform transponder generation, simulation, and conversion between ID63 and ID83. Additional innovative features include key renewal and Transponder Editing of 20 supported protocols.

Autel KM100E Special Functions
Autel KM100 offers more functions than other key fob programming tool such as Key Adjustment/Unlocking/Renew, Frequency Detection, and Universal Key Information Detection and more, yet still remaining easy to use. Autel KM100M is able to gather the data of the IMMO protocol and transponder type of vehicles, while Autel IM608/ IM508 need to work with APB112 to achieve this function.

Two Universal Blank Smart Key Indluded
Autel KM100E comes with 2 pcs Autel Ikey that are compatible with the frequency of 315M/433M and 868M/915M, and can transmit signals up to 130ft. (40 meters). Autel Ikey is programmable and can served as smart key replacement for more than 700 vehicles. The Autel IKEYs has 8 series, 37 types, and more options are available soon.

Quality and After-Sales Guarantee
The Autel KM100E is 100% Original Autel and we ship it from US Local Distributor,fast and no tax and it comes with 12-month warranty, 1-year free update(after 1 year free update,if do not update it it will not affect the use of previous functions), lifetime professional tech support.

What is Auel KM100?

MaxiIM KM100 is an advanced key and immobilizer touchscreen tablet capable of smart key creation and IMMO learning via OBD. This 5.5-inch, Android touchscreen tablet with Bluetooth VCI can program the Autel IKEY as a smart key replacement for more than 700 vehicles and offers IMMO programming capability for multiple vehicle brands including BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, and General Motors. Additional innovative features include key renewal and Transponder Editing of 20 supported protocols.

Complete Ability in IMMO & Key Programming:

  • Programs Autel' s IKE-Y universal key as smart ke-y replacement for more than 700 vehicles
  • Extensive IMMO Key programming coverage (90% by OBD) including BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, and General Motors
  • 60-Second fast Key Generation for Autel Universal I-KEY
  • Transponder Reading/ Writing/ Cloning, Transponder Editing Supporting 20 Categories
  • Transponder Generation/ Simulation/ Conversion, Frequency Detection
  • Key Renewal: Supporting 36 Vehicle Makes
  • Dual-Band, High Frequency Transmitter 315MHz/ 434MHz or 868MHz/ 915MHz
  • IMMO Data Processing, Ke-y UnlockingToyota Smart Un-lockingUniversal Ke-y Information DetectionButton AdjustmentIgnition Coil Detection.
  • The new version Autel KM100E Adds coverage for smart universal key for 31 models including Jaguar XFL (2017-2020), Toyota Agya (2017-2022), Hyundai Genesis (RG3) (2021-2022), and Hyundai Tucson (NX4) (2022) compare to older version.

The Advantages of Autel KM100 (E) Comparing to Autel IM508:

(1) Better hardwares, smoother running, quicker response; (2)Key Renewal without Using XP400 Pro; (3) Ignition Coil Detection without using APB112; (4) Quicker Universal Key Generation (60s); (5) Frequency Detection without using XP400 Pro; (6) More convenient vehicle communication, using wireless VCI rather than cable connection.

Autel KM100E: IMMO Key Learning Via OBD on 90% Vehicles !

Autel KM100 (E) IMMO Scan Tool features full & professional IMMO related function, able to retrieves vehicle IMMO information and performs IMMO related functions, including Key Learning, Remote Control Learning, and Remote Control Add, etc.

  • Read PIN;
  • Key Learning;
  • Remote Control Learning;
  • Remote Control Add;
  • All-Key-Lost;
  • IMMO data backup/restore;
  • IMMO ECU Reset/ Adaptation/ Refresh/ Coding;
  • And More...

There are mainly four options available when accessing the IMMO section:

  1. IMMO Status Scan: performs a comprehensive scanning over all the systems on the vehicle’s IMMO ECU in order to locate fault systems and retrieve DTCs
  2. Control Unit: manually locate a required IMMO control system for testing through a series of choices.
  3. Hot Function: step-by-step guided functions for functions such as Add Key and more.
  4. Vehicle IMMO Information: retrieves and displays the specific information for the tested IMMO ECU, including vehicle VIN number, PIN code and other IMMO information

Note: Please provide VIN of your car for us to check function compatibility for you.

Autel MaxiIM KM100 (E): Extensive Transponder Functions !

  1. Chip Reading: access to some basic information of the key, including chip type, IMMO type, transponder ID, locking status, and code mode.
  2. Chip Cloning: detect the transponder and vehicle informationin order to decrypt a code which shall be used to directly clone and generate a functional transponder for your vehicle. The whole process saves the trouble of using the old OBD approach.
  3. Chip Editing:read and edit transponder information such as its configurations and EEPROM data. Choose an IMMO type (which can be accessed by the transponder reading function) and start editing according to your needs.
  4. Transponder Generation: generate a transponder accommodating different protocols or models using a blank transponder.
  5. Transponder Simulation: used to simulate the KM100 as a transponder using a variety of IMMO protocols. This function is particularly useful when your vehicle needs emergency start or such.
  6. Transponder Conversion between Ford ID63 & ID83: especially designed for the conversion between two types of Ford transponder — ID63 and ID83.
  7. 60s Universal Key Generation: program the Autel universal keys (or smart keys) for your desired vehicle model. Autel KM100E come with two blank Smart Key Autel I-key. Simple Procedures are as below:
  1.  Place your new key within 10cm of KM100 key slot; 2. Plug VCI into vehicle’s OBD2 port. Use AutoVIN and Scan VIN/License to locate make, model and year, or manually input; 3. Tap “generate” and a new key is created; 4. Tap “IMMO” then Autel KM100 will automatically make the connection to the vehicle’s immobilizer system, and transfer the necessary IMMO data into your new key.

Autel MaxiIM KM100E: 10+ Special Functions !

  1. IMMO Data Processing: load the IMMO related ECU information of a vehicle to calculate a password and other IMMO information, which will be written into the transponder of the vehicle, the processed transponder can be used to start the vehicle, in other words, you now have an extra ke-y available.
  2. Ke-y Unlocking (Ke-y Renewal): enables you to renew a used smart key to unlock a new car, which is achieved by renewing the firmware of the used smart key via cable connection, working on 36 vehicle makes.
  3. Toyota Smart Un-locking: With this function, you can unlock other Toyota models with your Toyota smart ke-y. Unlocking of the 4D 40/80 bit and 8A 128 bit original Toyota smart chips is supported.
  4. Button Adjustment: assign the button functions of the Autel universal ke-y.
  5. Universal Ke-y Information Detection: especially designed to read the Autel universal key information, including the serial number, key ID, and IMMO version, etc.
  6. Ignition Coil Detection: enables the key tool to gather the data of the IMMO protocol and transponder type of the vehicle, while Autel old models IM508/ IM608 cannot support this special functions.

Note: Not all specail functions are listed here and more function are await you to explore.

Autel KM100E Key Fob Progarmming Tool: Convenient Frequency Detection Function !

The Frequency Detection function supports smart key frequency detection for a wide range of vehicle models. The operation instructions and frequency data will display on the screen in both text and graph forms.

To detect the frequency of a smart key:

  • 1. Place your smart key near the key slot (no more than 4 inches/10 cm).
  • 2. Press any button on your smart key to start detecting its frequency.

Anti-theft matching (PLC V200 connector), supports AutoVIN

1. Enter from the Universal key, select AutoVIN or manually select the model
2. Enter from the IMMO function menu

Autel MaxiIM KM100Autel MaxiIM KM100
Function Autel MaxiIM IM508 Autel MaxiIM IM608 Autel MaxiIM KM100
Universal Transponder & Key Generation No No Yes
Transponder Simulation Editing & Cloning No No Yes
Ignition Coil Detection No No Yes
Vehicle Diagnostics Yes, Basic function Yes No
Vehicle Service Functions Yes Yes No
IMMO Function via Programmer Yes Yes No
Frequency Reading Yes Yes Yes
Frequency Detection Yes Yes Yes
Key Unlocking/Key Renew Yes Yes Yes
Immobilizer Data Processing Yes Yes Yes
IMMO in Open OBD mode Yes Yes Yes


Autel KM100 FAQ

Q: Is it compatible with other brands of chips or keys?
A: Chip: Support original chip, auxiliary factory chip, such as xhorse, KD;
    Key: Only support Autel key (slave)

Q: How to activate? Need activation or not?
A: Create an AUTEL account online, bind the KM100 device to activate, and use the same method as other AUTEL tablet devices. You can click here. For activation video, we will upload on youtube.

Q: Is the KM100 matching bluetooth connector compatible with the Autel MaxiVCI VCI 200?
A: not universal.

Q: How many years is the upgrade free? Or is it free for a lifetime?
A: Currently a lifetime free upgrade.

Q: Dedicated chip generation?
A: It supports sub-factory chips, such as xhorse super chip, but can only be generated once on the KM100 device. If you want to use the super chip twice, you need to reset the super chip with the xhorse device.

Q: When I get it is not Spainsh, how to do?
A: Offer us serial number when you get it, we will ask the Autel team to open the Spanish for you.

Q: What is the version now?
A: You can check it.

Autel MaxiIM KM100 Parameter

Screen: Size: 5.5 Inch; Resolution: 1280x720p
64G Memory
8MP Camera
Battery: 4950 mAh

Autel MaxiIM KM100 Package List:
1pc x Autel KM-100 Universal Key Generator
1pc x OBD Adapter
2pcs x Universal Keys
1pc x Hard Shell Carrying Case

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(618 Sale)Autel MaxiIM KM100E Auto Key IMMO Universal Key Generator Kit in Open OBD Mode Function Free Update Online Lifetime Ship from US Local Distributor

$415.00 $439.00