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The OTOFIX D1 Max is a comprehensive automobile diagnostics devices. Utilizing the powerful Qualcomm SM6225 octa-core processor, and 10.4 inch touch screens,...


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The OTOFIX D1 Max is a comprehensive automobile diagnostics devices. Utilizing the powerful Qualcomm SM6225 octa-core processor, and 10.4 inch touch screens, combined with the best possible coverage of OE-level diagnostics, and based on the revolutionary multitask capable Android Operating system, the OTOFIX D1 Max organize information with test instrumentation to help you diagnose symptoms easily, quickly and efficiently and are ideal products to repair shops achieve easy diagnosis.

Why buy OTOFIX D1 MAX?

[OTOFIX D1 Max, 2024 Essential Auto Scanner]
OTOFIX is a new gen. high-end scan tool, which is affordable for everyone in cost and design. OTOFIX relies on Today's technology and holds more powerful hardware than other scanners. This OTOFIX D1 Max features abundant diagnostics like 
ECU coding, offline ECU programming, 40+ service functions, active test, full-system diagnostics, WiFi printing, Auto VIN 2.0, 2-Years Free Update Covered, etc.

[Newest, Portable & Powerful]
OTOFIX D1 Max scanner has the same-level Full-system Diagnostics as . Compared to same price range scanner, OTOFIX D1 Max even has the same high-tier functions as it, including ECU Coding, Active Test, 40+ Reset, etc., but spends less to get them. Super ✔️Qualcomm CPU pairing with ✔️Android 11.0 OS and ✔️4+128G Memory drive faster multi-task diagnostics ✔️10.4-inch size and ✔️760g weight are more portable for outing maintenance.

[40+ Service Functions, Continuously Updating]
For repair workshops, holding an OTOFIX D1 Max automotive scanner is a strong advantage over others. Its 40+ maintenance functions provide various solutions for all module repairs, including Oil Reset, TPMS Reset, Injector Coding, Suspension, Throttle Matching, etc., which will usher your repair business to a new pinnacle. Continuously updating will never make the functionality & compatibility out-of-date.

[OE-level All System Diagnostics & Active Test]
OTOFIX D1 Max code reader can access all available vehicle systems including TPMS, ABS, BMS, Engine, AT, BCM, SAS, Airbags, etc., and perform the same diagnostics as the OEM dealer. And this OTOFIX OBD2 scanner is also a bi-directional scanner for narrowing the diagnostic scope and quickly pinpointing the problems by sending the command to vehicle modules, which could be widely conducted on windows/headlights/wipers/sunroof/radiator fans/etc.

[ECU Coding & Advanced Functions]
To improve vehicle comfortability, this OBDⅡ scanner performs personalization for BMW, Audi, Skoda and VW, such as disabling auto start-stop, activating daytime running lights, and more. Even if you have some tough problems during diagnostics, ✔️Guided Functions and ✔️Reprot Management would give you a favor. Different from other car scanners, our OTOFIX scanner loads ✔️Battery Test (with BT1 Lite), ✔️Data Manager and ✔️Auto VIN 2.0 to get accurate results.
[Faster Diagnostic Speed, Spend Less Time] Powered by DoIP & CAN FD protocols, the newly released OTOFIX D1 Max can run 4x higher speed data transfer and diagnostics without any adapters. This 2024 version auto scan tool also opens Security Gateway Function for Renault, which allow technicians to do diagnostics without any restriction.

[10000+ Car Coverage, Serve for All]
Multi-functionality, high capability and wide coverage make OTOFIX D1 Max the best cost-effective car scanner. It covers up to 80+ brands and 10000+ vehicle models, meeting 99% of the diagnostic needs of large workshops. 1-year quality undertaking & 1-year free updating are available for this OTOFIX auto scanner. Any problems, please message us for solutions.

[Two Years Free Update] Software free update for 2 years save a lot

[Supports 16+ languages]English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Chinese...

OTOFIX D1 Max Main Features:

Autel OTOFIX D1 MAX, with powerhouse speed and performance, offers riches of diagnostic features and functions, including OE-level diagnostics, bi-directional control, key coding, special services, and more. Booting in seconds and sporting a big 10.4" capacitive touchscreen 1920*1200 resolution display, this diagnostic tool provides you a quick way to get you right down to business. The tablet scan tool is affordable and within reach, for you to get basic and advanced repairs done on modern cars effectively, to deal with pretty much every auto repair scenario you can think of.

Intelligent Operation, More Convenient
One-click query, one-click upgrade, one-click screenshot, and one-click feedback, easy operation with efficient experience.

Outstanding Performance, More User-friendly Experience

10.4-inch 2000*1200 touchscreen provides smooth interaction. Android 11.0 operating system octa-core processor, equipped with 128GB storage, and faster running speed brings the ultimate experience.

More Advanced Functions to Meet Your Extra Needs

Support Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW ECU coding functions.
Support Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW hidden functions renewal.
The guide function provides more DTC tips for Volkswagen/Audi.

OTOFIX D1 Max Main functions:

1. Bi-Directional Control/ Active Tests: Send the commands to the system/ subsystem/ components to perform active tests like EVAP Test, Fuel Pump, Fuel Injector Test, Cycling A/C Clutch On/Off, Window/Door Lock/ Horn Test without vehicle controls.
2. VAG Guided Functions: Step By Step Detailed Operation Guidance and Operating Condition Statement, you can be an expert with OTOFIX D1 MAX.
3. Stable & Fast BT Connection: 33 Feet (10M) BT communication for remote diagnostics, no cable limitations.
4. Two Years Free Update: Frequently update to optimize the software performance and add more vehicle coverage.
5. Cloud Services: Access seamlessly to cloud service to obtain remote expert support and share diagnostic reports easily.
6. Auto VIN & Auto Scan: Automatically identify the vehicle identification number, and run comprehensive all available systems diagnostics with one tap.
7. Hardware and OS Upgraded: Qcom SM6225 octa-core Processor, Android 11.0 + 4GB DDR, 128 G Storage for faster task processing. 7250mAh and long time working hours.
8. 10000+ Vehicle Models Coverage: Extensive diagnostics and repair services for thousands of Asian, European, and American vehicles, support newest CAN FD & DoIP protocols, Support FCA Autoauth.
40+ Maintenance Reset Service:

OTOFIX D1 MAX have 40+ reset services: Oil Reset, EPB Reset, TPMS, BMS, Brake Bleed, Aftertreatment, Immo Keys, Injector, SAS, Suspension, Throttle, WIN DR ROOF, Seats, Odometer, Lang Change, Headlamp, CHG Tire Size, TEC Learn, ABSSRS, Cylinder, VGT Learn, Speed & PTO, Clutch, Trans Adapation, Airbag Reset, A/F Setting, Automatic Start/Stop, Electronic Water Pump Start, EGR, VIN, FRM Reset, Transport Mode, HV Battery, ACC, AC, Rain/Light Sensor.

VAG Guided Functions:
Targeted on different car models and configurations, there are related operation guidance that provides corresponding tips, auto log-in, matching, setting and coding. Having guided functions means having the company of an expert who can provide idea, help looking up maintenance manual and test functions while repairing a car.

E-CU Coding: Refresh Hidden Features / Recode Change Modules / Personalization / Customize the Daytime Running Lights / Auto Side Mirrors Folding / Auto Engine Start-Stop / More...

Recode the adaptive for certain components after making repairs or replacements
Improve fuel efficiency and the durability of mechanical parts, reduce power loss
Change the chimes on your car, set the mirrors automatically folding and unfolding, and deactivate the Start / Stop function

IMMO Keys:
Programming key FOB programming on VAG vehicles: Add New K-ey, Delete The Lost Key, Write Smart Keys, Smart Keys Lost, Remote Learning. (Note: the key programming function is NOT universally compatible, please check compatibility before you get the software).

Bi-directional Control/ Active Tests:
Automotive diagnostic scan tool OTOFIX D1 MAX allows you to request information or command the module to perform specific tests and functions without on-broad systems, such as:

Vehicle Identification:

1. Auto VIN scan

D1 MAX has the latest "Auto VIN Scan" function. The automatic VIN scan feature allows technicians to quickly detect the target vehicle and scan all diagnosable systems on the vehicle for trouble codes.

2. Manual Input

For vehicles that do not support automatic VIN scanning, the OTOFIX diagnostic system also supports manual entry of the VIN code or license plate number, or simply taking a photo of the VIN tag or license plate to quickly identify the vehicle.

3. Scan The License Plate / VIN Code

Choose one of the three options, [Scan barcode], [Scan VIN], and [Scan license plate], and point the tablet diagnostic device at the VIN code or license plate, and keep it In the scan box, the VIN code or license plate number will be automatically scanned and recognized, and the result will be displayed in the dialog box of the "Recognition Result" interface.

Note: The function of scanning license plates is only supported in some countries and regions. If this function is not available, please enter the license plate number manually.

4. Manual Vehicle Selection

If the system fails to obtain the VIN code automatically from the vehicle E-CU, or if the VIN code is unknown, you can choose the manual vehicle selection function.

5. OBD Direct Access

Tablet diagnostic devices may sometimes fail to recognize the vehicle. For these vehicles, the user can perform generic OBDII or EOBD diagnostics.

150+ Worldwide Brands Coverage for 10,000+ Models (1996- 2024), 99% Vehicles

OTOFIX D1 Lite VS D1 Vs D1 Pro Vs D1 Max Vs Evoscan Ultra
Category   D1 Lite D1 D1 PRO D1 Max EvoScan Ultra
  CPU ROCKCHIP PX30 ROCKCHIP PX30 Qualcomm 660 Qualcomm SM6225 Qualcomm SM6225
  ROM 64GB 64GB 128GB 128GB 128GB
  Battery capacity 5,800mAh 5,800mAh 15,000mAh 7,250mAh 7,250mAh
  Operating system Android 9.0 Android 9.0 Android 10.0 Android 11.0 Android 11.0
  Screen size 7 inch 7 inch 10.1 inch 10.4 inch 10.4 inch
  Screen resolution 1280*800 1280*800 1920*1200 2000*1200 2000*1200
  Camera Front: No
Rear: 8MP
Front: No
Rear: 8MP
Front: No
Rear: 16MP
Front: 5MP
Rear: 8MP
Front: 5MP
Rear: 8MP
  Weight 463 g 463 g  1200 g 760g 760g
  VCI V1 V1 V1 V1 V1 Flash
Software Read/Clear Trouble Code
  Read Data Stream
  Read Freeze Frame
  Read ECU information
  36 service functions ✔(40) ✔(40) ✔(40) ✔(40) ✔(40)
  Special functions
  Active test
Online programming Benz online programming X X X X
  Mybach online programming X X X X
  MiNi online programming X X X X
  BMW online programming X X X X
Online coding Benz SCN online coding X X X X
  BMW online coding X X X
  MiNi online coding X X X
  Audi online coding X
  Porsche online coding X X X
  VW online coding X
  VW_Brazil online coding X
  SKoda online coding X
  Peugeot online coding X X
  Citroen online coding X X
  DS online coding X X
  Nissan online coding X X X
  Nissan-GTR online coding X X X
  Infiniti online coding X X X
  Renault online coding X X X
Hidden features BMW hidden features X X X
  Mini hidden features X X X
  Hidden features on VW, Audi and Skoda X
Guided functions Guided functions on VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat X
TPMS functions TPMS X X X X X
Extension functions Oscilloscope (compatible with MP408) X X X X
  Endoscope (compatible with MV105 / MV108) X
  ADAS extension X X X X X
  Battery testing
Cloud service Remote support X X X X ✔(for Non-european)
  Report management (reports to cloud)
  Accufix X X X X X
  Repair Data X X X X X
Smart diagnostics Smart diagnostics  X X X X X
  Diagnostics system topology X X X X
Languages Language support Multi-language Multi-language Multi-language Multi-language Multi-language
Other functions Diagnostics functions for McLaren and Tesla X X X X X
  Auto VIN
  SCAN VIN/License
  Remote Desk
  D-PDU /
  Pre & Post Scan X X
  WiFi printing X X
Security gateway Renault security gateway

Product Specifications:
Processor: Qcom SM6225 octa-core
Operating system: Android 11.0
Storage: 128GB
Display: 10.4" LCD touchscreen
Battery: 7250mAh
Camera: 5M+8M
Connectivity: USB/Bluetooth
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 5
Storage temperature: -10 to 60℃(14 to 140℉)
Working temperature: 0 to 45℃(32 to 113℉)

Package Includes:
1pc x Main unit 
1pc x USB-C cable
1pc x Soft cloth
1pc x V1 VCI
1pc x Packing list
1pc x Carrying case
1pc x AC/DC Power adapter(12V)
1pc x Quick reference guide

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[2 Year Free Update]OTOFIX D1 MAX Professional Diagnostic Tool 40+ Service Functions Read/Erase Codes View Live Data Active Test

Regular price $999.00