Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 ITS600E TPMS Relearn Tool Update of TS508/TS601 with Programming Tool Activate/Relearn All Sensors, TPMS Diagnostics, 4 Reset Functions, Oil Reset, BMS, SAS, EPB

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Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 ITS600E Highlights:1.The Best TPMS scan toolMaxiTPMS ITS600 is a newly released TPMS scan tool. ITS600 programming tool upgrades of TS408/TS501/TS508/TS601, integrates...


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Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 ITS600E Highlights:
1.The Best TPMS scan tool
MaxiTPMS ITS600 is a newly released TPMS scan tool. ITS600 programming tool upgrades of TS408/TS501/TS508/TS601, integrates their superior features, and adds TPMS retrofitting and 4 diagnostic functions. Based on Android OS and 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, ITS600 reset tool provides quick and easy-to-operating TPMS diagnostics and TPMS services.
2.Support Essential Diagnostics
Autel ITS600 can be used to activate, read, and relearn most TPMS sensors in the market. ITS600 diagnostic tool features TPMS system diagnostics to locate problems and 4 commonly used reset functions including Oil Reset, EPB Reset, BMS Reset, and SAS Calibration. ITS600 activating tool is also loaded full system diagnostics and other service functions that can be paid for use if needed.
3.MX-Sensor Programming
The ITS600 relearn tool can program maximum of 20 sensors at once. Autel ITS600 TPMS tool holds 4 programming options: Copy by OBD, Auto Create. And there is always one that will appeal to you. ITS600 TPMS scanner helps you to get the original sensor IDs, copy them to new sensors, and replace 99% of OE sensors.
4.VIN Scan & Tire Service
ITS600 TPMS tool provides 4 methods available for acquiring VIN information: Auto VIN Detect, Scan License, Scan VIN, and Manual Input. That will lend you a hand for quick vehicle identification and save diagnostic time. ITS600 scan tool is also designed with tire service: Tire DOT Number Scan, Tire Expiration Notice, and Tire Recall Lookup to better serve you and ensure safety.
5.Quality and After-Sales Guarantee
The Autel ITS600 TPMS is 100% Original Autel and we Ship from US Local Distributor,fast and no tax and it comes with 12-month warranty, Lifetime free update and professional tech support.

What is Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 ITS600E  TPMS Diagnostic Tool

Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 Upgrade of TS408/TS501/TS508/TS601 TPMS scanners and based on Android OS, the 2021 version ITS600 TPMS tool not only has the essential TPMS sensor programming, sensor relearning, sensor activating functions but also added user-friendly tire functions, quick vehicle identification, TPMS module retrofitting, etc. There is no doubt that Autel ITS600 is your reliable helper and professional doctor.

When it comes to TPMS functions, ITS600 has the same as the TS608, but better in UI design and more details (like tire functions, vehicle scanning, reset functions).

Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600


Why buy  Autel ITS600 ITS600E  as Your Partner?

  • 4 Programming Options: Copy by OBD, and Auto Create
  • 3 Relearn Methods: OBD Relearn, Automatic Relearn, and Stationary Relearn.
  • 4 Common Used Reset Functions: Oil Reset, EPB Reset, BMS Reset, SAS Reset.
  • 3 Quick Vehicle Identification Ways: Auto VIN, Scan License, VIN Scan.
  • Activating: Trigger all the 315/433MHz TPMS sensors and read sensor information.
  • Compatible with American, Asian, and European vehicles with TPMS system.
  • Expanded TPMS Functions: ITS600 diagnostic scanner also provides DOT number scan, tire expiration notice, tire recall, tire tread & brake disc wear detection.(Work together with MaxiTPMS TBE200/TBE100).
  • TPMS Diagnostics: Scan TPMS ECU modules, locate vehicle problems and recover normal performance.
  • Hardware Configuration: 5.5” LCD Touch Screen, Bluetooth VCI, 1280x720 Resolution, 8MP Camera, 64 GB Memory, 5000mAh Battery...

Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 ITS600E  Main Features:

Sensor Programming for Autel MX-Sensor

The Programming function allows users to program the sensor data to the MX-Sensor to replace existing sensors with low battery life and ones that are no longer functioning. ITS600 activating tool can handle maximum of 20 MX-Sensors at the same time. (TS608 only programs 16 MX-Sensors.) ITS600 reset tool is designed with 4 options for program the MX-Sensors and users can choose the appropriate method to obtain the ID according to the actual situation of the original sensor.

Copy by OBD: If the IDs retrieved from sensor activation and those registered to the TPMS ECU are different, ITS600 TPMS scanner will program the sensor IDs retrieved from the ECU to the new MX-Sensors.


Auto Create: If the original sensor cannot be activated or the original sensor ID cannot be obtained, you can use the ITS600 TPMS scan tool to automatically create a new random ID to MX-Sensor.

Autel ITS600= TPMS Tool + Diagnostic Scanner

ITS600 diagnostic scanner is specially designed with 4 commonly used diagnostic functions to provide quick access to the vehicle systems for various scheduled reset and maintenance tasks. ITS600 relearn tool innovates the design of configuring the diagnostic function on the tire pressure tool and performs Oil reset, EPB, BMS, and SAS Calibration.

Oil Reset: Reset the oil life system and turn off the oil light after replacing the oil or oil filter to start a new cycle.

EPB Reset: Maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively by deactivating and activating the brake control system, setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, etc.

BMS Reset: Re-match the control module and motoring sensor for battery detecting more accurately, clear original low battery information, and prevent the related control module from detecting false information.

SAS Calibration Reset: Calibrate the steering angle after replacing the steering angle position sensor and the mechanical parts of the steering system, etc. Stores the current steering wheel position as the straight-ahead position in the steering angle sensor and clear fault memory.

3 Relearn Ways to Identify New Sensor

Relearn function is used to transfer new sensor IDs into the vehicle ECU for sensor recognition. ITS600 diagnostic tool features 3 relearn ways including OBD Relearn, Automatic Relearn, and Stationary Relearn, which can deal with 98% of vehicle models and relearn all the 315/433MHz sensors.

OBD Relearn: OBD relearn allows the ITS600 reset tool to directly write the TPMS sensor IDs to the TPMS module via the OBD connector to make the on-board TPMS modules recognize the new sensors.

Automatic Relearn: For some vehicles, the “Relearn” function can be completed automatically by driving, which makes it quite easy to do a complete set of sensor replacement operations on your own.

Stationary Relearn: This relearn way requires the vehicle to be placed in the “Relearn Mode” and follow the on-screen instructions to finish “Relearn”.

Expanded Tire Services

Tire Tread & Brake Disc Wear Detection

ITS600 scanner can measure the status of tire tread depth & brake disc wear, display results graphically display, and add data into TPMS test report for comprehensive analysis and tire replacement & maintenance suggestions. This detection will alert users of tire wear in time to prevent dangerous situations. ITS600 diagnostic scan tool work together with Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200 to perform wear detection.

Tire Expiration Notice & Recall Lookup

ITS600 tool will identify the year of the tires by scanning the DOT code to determine if the tires need to be replaced. That can prompt/guide drivers to replace tires to avoid the risk of blowouts caused by aging tires. The Tire DOT application contains two parts - DOT Recall and DOT Scan functions. Tire DOT function scans the tire DOT serial number located on the sidewall to acquire basic characteristics such as tire age, recall status, and warning.

Quick Vehicle Identification

ITS600 TPMS tool couples with 3 quick and convenient methods available for acquiring VIN information to finish vehicle identification: Auto VIN Detect, Scan License, and Scan VIN. This technology greatly reduces the diagnostic time and brings convenience for users. If you cannot find the VIN or the camera cannot successfully identify the VIN/license number, you can manually select vehicle make, model, and year to complete vehicle identification.

Auto VIN Detect: Automatically acquire vehicle information and identify the application electronically through the OBDII Diagnostic Port.

Scan License: Open the camera and scan the license number to enter the identification page, easy and useful.

Scan VIN: Scan the vehicle's VIN or Barcode/QR code directly to get information (vehicle make, model, year, etc.)

Key Fob Test

The Autel ITS600 scanner can play a role of a signal transmitter to check the frequency of the key fob and battery electricity to determine whether it needs to be charged or replaced, which will help to save your money and time.

TPMS Test Report & Printing

The TPMS test report gives a detailed data form that includes general vehicle information such as vehicle year, make, model, TPMS-related DTCs, workshop, and all information manually inputted by the technician. You can also print the report for further diagnosis and storing diagnostic history.

Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 ITS600E  Specification

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Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 ITS600E TPMS Relearn Tool Update of TS508/TS601 with Programming Tool Activate/Relearn All Sensors, TPMS Diagnostics, 4 Reset Functions, Oil Reset, BMS, SAS, EPB

$429.00 $495.00